Digitalized Management and Communication

Vessel Digitalization

Transforming conventional vessel management through complete digitalization has become an essential requirement of the new era. IMS has structured and packaged ideal digital solutions that can be customized to your operational management, from hardware installation through streamlined process automation and data flow in a unified, interactive platform. IMS offers a number of digital solutions that are supported by a smart engine for data analytics and artificial intelligent to maximize assets optimization and provide accessible machinery insights, offering an enhanced level of predictive maintenance and an overview of asset activities in an outstanding decision-support system.
IMS have partnered with the most innovative companies that cover the entire MENA region to provide smart and accurate world-leading systems for fuel management, alarm and data integration as well as complete solutions for ship automation, navigation, CCTV camera and electrical propulsion. They provide 7/24 technical support and spare parts for the entire MENA region.


Fuel Trax

A leading fuel management solutions company serving deep sea and offshore support vessels, offering, the ultimate FUELTRAX’ Electronic Fuel Management Solution (EFMS) measures direct fuel consumption and transfers on board, enabling vessel operators to reduce operational and fuel costs.

  • Unmatched precision sensors stabilized against disruptive process conditions.
  • Fully independent system results in no cybersecurity risk.
  • Bi-directional communications allows for remote health and reporting monitoring.

FUELTRAX Vessel Operations Center

  • Remote monitoring and support 24/7.
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics from Ex-NASA Flight Controllers employed by FUELTRAX.
  • Advanced analytics creates meaningful data insights.

FUELTRAX Mobile Measurement Unit on Land

  • Custody grade fuel measurement data at any location.
  • Instantaneous reporting and alerting.

FUELTRAX Zero Blind Camera Snapshot

  • Near real-time video feeds viewable remotely.
  • Verify weather conditions with onshore playback capabilities.
  • Night vision gives a clear operational view, no matter the conditions.
Praxis Log

Praxis Automation

Praxis Automation Technology is a valuable partner for IMS as they are leading worldwide company and manufacturer in ship automation, navigation, and electric propulsion. Their system is widely used in most of marine vessels, below is some of what Praxis bring to ship-owner’s and the region:
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and complete solutions provider for ship automation, navigation, and electric propulsion.
  • Modular system design architecture, built using purpose-made marine electronic hardware, with inhouse engineering solutions, scalable to any application.
  • Mega-Guard Automation System – Flexible integration with propulsion, electric power, navigation and communications systems, and more, for centralized control and monitoring.
  • Mega-Guard Dynamic Positioning System in full accordance with the applicable classifications and IMO rules (DP1, DP2, and DP3).
  • Capable of naval standard intricacy and reliability to luxury craft aesthetics and experience.
  • Newbuild and retrofit solutions, global spare parts, and 24/7 technical service support.
Dolphin monitoring logo

Hi Pro Electronics

Dolphin System – Most sophisticated Vessel Performance and Alarm Monitoring in marine industry by Hi-Pro Electronics.
  • Easy-to-use tools for building dynamic, database-driven PDF for Technical Dpt.
  • Virtual reports & SCADA reporting functions for Operations Dpt.
  • OEE and downtime tracking.
  • SPC reports & QA reports.
  • Compliance reports & Historical data analysis.
  • Customized drag-and-drop – Define the data in your reports and specify any number of report parameters and data sources.
  • Object-oriented visual environment and single dynamic report.
  • Trusted IT standards – SQL database integration built right and connection to OPC UA or ERP systems.
  • Access Dolphin from any PC or Tablet or smart phone.
  • Real time monitoring of vessel operation.
Master Systems logo

Master System

Master System, plays critical role in IMS digitalization package as they are the key that integrate all machinery and navigational equipment together to reflect accurate data for ship-owners:
  • Data Integration from different Machinery.
  • Capable to integrate Fuel Monitoring, AMS, TGS, Auxiliary Engines, Main Engines, Propulsion, Bow Thruster, etc.
  • Navigation data Integration like GPS, GYRO, SPEED LOG, ECHO SOUNDER, AIS.
  • Providing Monitoring and Control Solutions.
  • Capable to provide new retrofit Solutions.
  • Remotely accessible system.
  • 24×7 Remote Support.