Offshore Storage Facility

Marine Materials Warehouse

Our centralized warehouse satisfies all maritime requirements for safety appliances and navigational equipment and offers a specialized team for installation.


Navigation equipment such as autopilot and steering control systems, navigation radar, gyro compasses, magnetic compasses, and electronic chart and display systems (ECDIS)

steering control in tanker ship


Marine safety certifications, instrument calibration, and appliances such as lifesaving, firefighting, and multi-gas detector equipment as well as lifeboats, life rafts, breathing apparatus, fire sets, damage control boxes, etc.
Inflatable boats in the store. Sports equipment

Lifting Equipment

All lifting hardware and equipment for onshore and offshore operations: cranes, forklifts, pipe loaders, slings, shackles, wires and supporting maintenance kits.
Crane,Offshore crane,Pedestal crane in oil and gas industry offshore for transfer material or worker.


Maritime communication equipment certifications, available radios (ICOM, FURUNO, SAILOR, MOTOROLA), V-SAT, and ship-to-shore- communication internet connectivity sets.
Yellow portable two way GMDSS VHF radio using on the ship during emergency safety or security situation, such as abandon ship or fire. Compulsory equipment of the vessel.