Dedicated Marine Platform


About Us​

Integrated Marine Solutions offers premium support to the marine industry with a suite of services designed for maritime industrial operations. Our centralized service hub in the northeastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports a full spectrum of offshore vessel requirements, offering a mega shop for service solutions with the strictest quality standards. With over 20 years’ experience in the Gulf area and a sterling commercial reputation, our seasoned personnel satisfy client requirements and expectations by providing safe, timely, and high-quality work.


We are dedicated to being a partner in the Kingdom’s vision to support the regional economy by providing integrated marine solutions for all maritime industrial operations.


Ensuring client satisfaction by providing integrated, value-added marine solutions

Strategic Code​

IMS offers a one-stop shop and a quick response platform where teams and materials are distributed and requirements met through a number of dynamic solutions.

IMS centralized platform

We offer smart tracking for all shipments through a unified, integrated platform. The Control and Contact Center is our smart approach to taking all requests and tracking our transportation lines. It includes temperature tracking of refrigerated containers, tracking of truck locations and destinations, container yard tracking, service and quality control, and a contact center.
For all service and materials requests
24/7 monitoring of all shipments and critical materials in the facility and in distribution lines
Smart solution for tracking and controlling materials and inventory levels
A centralized control center for all customer needs and requirements
A specialized logistical solution provider dedicated to supporting customers with innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience
Complete service-quality tracking through a centralized office to maintain the highest standard of service